We deal with complexity

Our firm has developed wide experience in the issuance of securities and other operations in this field, particularly in:


• Securitization processes of credits and other type of assets. (Galvis y Asociados has been pioneer in the legal design of this class of issuance and in the constitution of SPV's or funds for the attainment of structured finance.)


• Providing legal advice in the issuance of securities with fixed or variable income, either in public or private tenders.


• Providing advice in corporate matters such as incorporation of companies, bylaws amendments, designing of corporate governance structures,, shareholders agreements, business sales, liquidation of companies and restructuring companies through mergers and spin-offs.


• Structuring complex financings through bonds and other securities.



Together with Mejía y Asociados we can provide legal advice in exchange transactions; international investment regime; tax regulation for foreign investment in Colombia, and from Colombians abroad; regulation on stockbrokers, portfolio and investment funds management; investment banking; IPO's; constitution and operation of private equity funds; structuring of Codes of Conduct and definition or legal risk models for Companies in any industry.