We provide business oriented solutions

Our Firm has developed a wide experience in handling complex controversies arising out of insurance and reinsurance agreements, as well as derived from commercial; financial; securities; and real estate matters.


We litigate before the administrative, civil and constitutional jurisdiction in a varied array of cases among which are:


• Contractual Liability and Third Party Liability Actions

• Class actions and constitutional actions for the protection of collective rights commenced against insurers and financial entities.

• Constitutional actions for the protection of fundamental rights initiated by or against financial entities.

• Nullity and restoration of rights action before the Finance Superintendence, the Superintendence of Corporations and before the administrative jurisdiction.

• Action for damages.

• Antitrust actions commenced against insurers and financial entities for presumed dominant position abuse


We have led more than 400 litigation and arbitration proceedings in the history of the firm with excellent results.


Likewise we advise our clients in the resolution of their conflicts off courts, through the implementation of alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution, representing them in extrajudicial conciliations or in arbitration proceedings, alternatively supporting them in settlement's negotiation.


Galvis y Asociados has been a pioneer in the defence of banking and insurance entities in the most important and substantial constitutional actions for the protection of collective rights and class actions initiated against them (Real Estate Finance System Crisis UPAC crisis, credit cards fees, fees for financial services, insurance sales and premium collection, pension fund fees, construction regulations, visual external advertising and public space protection, etc.)